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Payment Policies

Payment Policies

Similar to signing up for a semester course (see Attendance Policies), payment for lessons is going to be called TUITION.

Monthly payments—please pay at the beginning of the month. I will send an email reminder before your check is due.

Home studio students can get a discount if they pay ahead of time for 8 weeks of lessons. Please speak to me about this.

Weekly payments—Please speak to me if you would like to pay for lessons weekly

Please make checks payable to: Joni McCraw. Online payment is also possible through PayPal.

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Attendance and Make-Up Policies

Regular attendance at lessons is VERY important.

Think of your signing up for lessons in the same way that you would think of signing up for an evening class at a college. You have committed to that class (lesson slot) for the entire semester, and your teacher has committed to keeping that time open for you.

HOWEVER, I do offer TWO make-up lessons per semester for excused absences. Make-up lessons must be taken during the current academic year or summer. Make-up lesson credits will not carry over into the next academic year.

What is an excused absence?

  1. Illness
  2. Family emergency
  3. Religious holidays

Snow Days: Up to one school-cancelled snow day will be made up per semester during the make-up period at the end of each semester.

Doctor's appointments, going out of town, and athletic events do not constitute excused absences

If I have to miss a lesson for any reason, I will make it up. If I am unable to make it up you will receive a credit for the next semester.

If you can't make your lesson, you can swap your lesson time with another student's time. You can view my lesson schedule here. I will happily provide you with a list of students, times and contact information for everyone.

If your lesson is after school, you must let me know by noon of the day of the lesson if you are going to be missing your lesson for any reason. I will not know that you are absent from school unless you call or email me that morning. Without proper notice, you will be charged full price for that lesson.

If you have a lesson earlier in the day, I would appreciate it if you could let me know the evening before the lesson if you are not going to make it to your lesson.

Of course, if you become suddenly ill or the roads become slippery after school I'll understand that you can't make it to your lesson. Please call me, however, to let me know that you will not be coming. I will make sure that everyone has my cell phone number.

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Withdrawal Procedures

Please understand that when you sign up for lessons, it is a commitment for the entire academic year

A student may withdraw from my studio at any time, although an early withdrawal fee equivalent to one full month (four lessons) will be charged. Please set up a time to speak with me about the situation. If you decide to drop and wish to resume lessons at a later date, your name will be placed on the bottom of my waiting list. I am not able to hold a slot for you without payment.

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